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Stimulate and Empower your ability to think outside the norm, and get new creative ideas flowing. Using Improv. techniques in a fun safe environment, you will discover numerous ways to:

                               1) Communicate and Debate Successfully

                               2) Clarify what you need to accomplish or achieve

                               3) Accept and Build on others’ ideas

                               4) Change plans or directions with ease

                               5) See Mistakes as (wonderful accidents)



Build and Empower your confidence, when speaking live, or on TV/Camera. Using Improv. techniques and exercises in a fun, safe environment, you can explore various ways to:

                             1)Command the Attention and Empower an Audience

                             2)Relax and Calm nerves

                             3)Be present in the Moment

                             4)Empower your spontaneity skills

                            5)Communicate your message/idea clearly and successfully



Fully understand and own your sales pitch so you can go off script and Improvise when needed. Using Improv. techniques and exercises in a fun, creative, environment, you can explore numerous ways to:

                           1)Communicate and execute more successfully

                           2)Accepting and building on what’s being offered.

                           3)Always be closing / And Close more deals

                           4)Increase listening and observation skills

                           5)Change Directions with ease



Empower and Inspire a stronger more productive ensemble/team by increasing comradery, and trust. Help alleviate stress. Using Improv. techniques and exercise in a relaxed, fun and safe environment, you will explore various ways to:

                          1)Collaborate more productively, and effectively.

                          2)Accept and contribute in others’ ideas

                          3)Debate and Communicate more successfully

                         4) Build stronger Ensemble/Team relationships


Why Business Owners and Employees should Study Improv.

“Entrepreneurs Must Skillfully Perform on Two Stages, Not Forfeiting Home for Company”. 

Keep your employees connected, and engaged.   Improve, Inspire, and empower their overall wellness in the workplace.


Why Attend an Improv class.  It’s not about becoming a comedy performer.  It’s not even about becoming a better speaker.  The skills you learn in an improv workshop will be applied to all parts of your life.  They provide building blocks for business success.  Improv skills teach you to have more fun in life. They also teach you to be in the moment. In the moment is where opportunity shows up.  In life, opportunity shows up only occasionally. If you are not in the moment you risk losing out on opportunity. If it happens once, you can forgive yourself. But if it happens more than once, then you are responsible for it, and will kick yourself for not jumping on it when it shows up. Believe me, if you don’t someone else will.  What is holding you back? Fear? Lack of Confidence? Do you really work well with others?

Sharpen Leadership Skills.  An amazing thing I’ve learned after presenting Improv. workshops for more than ten years is this:  There is no such thing as a weak Improv. player.  There are only skilled Improv. planers who are not skilled enough to make the weaker players look good. When a worker has substandard performance, the question is: Are YOU good enough to lead, motivate, and work with them.  You are responsible.  Make them look good.  Bring out their best.  This isn’t a gimmick.  This is a reality of life.  The responsibility and power lies with you.  Lead by example. What would the world be like if everyone was present for you, if everyone listened to you, if everyone treated you like a genius, if everyone agreed with you, if everyone trusted you.  What would it be like if each of your employees experienced that kind of world. It’s your job to be the “someone” who creates that experience for them.  Every choice you make affects other people.

Build Strong Ensembles/Teams.   You’ll learn strong skills in agreement and consensus.  The Improv. principle of YES AND teaches you to agree with others and to add to that agreement.  You will also understand that YES does not mean you agree, it simply means that you hear the other person.  It moves you forward.  BUT is an eraser and stops forward progress.  You learn to treat others as though they were a genius.  You develop the habit of going with the flow and trusting the group.  Learn to say yes to at least one stupid idea a week.  That, of course, is an impossible challenge.  There is no such thing as a stupid idea.  Improv. games are also great for mixers.

  1. Build Your Confidence.  In life, the prize often goes not to the fast but to the bold.  Not to the quick but to the confident.  Improv training boosts your confidence.  Whenever you are personally challenged, it builds your confidence.  You become a better risk taker.  You learn to fail gracefully.  It gives you confidence.  And confidence enhances your performance and competence in the eyes of others

  2. Develop Listening skills.  Listening is more than hearing.  Listening is also watching.  Listening is understanding. Communication is more than facts.  Communication is watching for feelings and intention.  Improv teaches you that often you contribute by NOT saying something.

  3. Inspire, Empower, and Stimulate Your Creativity.  Creativity is sometimes the result of talent, accident, or the product of self confidence.  Improv training can help in both areas.  Improv teaches you to be open to possibilities and see the alternatives.  You become less rigid and more flexible.  You learn to contribute to the ideas of others, creating new possibilities. This often leads to amazing results, and empowers the ensemble.   Improv gives you a better understanding of that view of life.

  4. Have Fun in the workplace.  A workplace with no play is usually rigid and inflexible.  Improv teaches you to play.  Use it to start the day playing a game with your ensemble/team.  Use improv games to warm up before a meeting or brainstorm session. You’ll find that your employees will be more productive and creative in that type of environment.



 At Leif’s Inspiration and Empowerment Center we strive to always: 

*Acknowledge every situation and desired outcome as unique
*Approach individuals with empathy
*Identify strengths and potential vulnerabilities
*Provide the tools and support to quickly to overcome obstacles
*Customize sessions based on your precise needs

*Create an environment that inspires more productive teams


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“Be Present, Speak up, Take Action!”

Stay in the moment.. And Seize the Opportunities!

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